Sunday, April 26, 2015


We decided to do one of the family favorites tonight. The kids just love them. We did some with bbq sauce and some without sauce. The ones without turned out better. 

We picked up the chicken not long before the cook. Usually we leave it uncovered in the fridge for at least 24 hours to help provide a crispier skin. Well being short on time we improvised. We mixed our rub and corn starch to make the skin crisp.

 (Excuse my dirty hand, that is from lighting the bbq)
1 part corn starch to 3 parts rub.

I really like the dizzy pig rubs. This is one of my favorites for chicken. It has just a little heat to it. The name of it is tsunami spin.

All mixed up. This is not enough for all the chicken we bought. I just wanted to show how it mixes up. Just follow the 1 to 3 ratio. 

All the chicken rubbed. About 1/2 before it goes on.

On the bbq. It is a direct cook. High In the dome of my Big Green Egg. 350 degrees. It takes about an hour but I cook till internal temp reaches 195. 

Almost done. We sauced some of them. I should have waited to sauce them a little longer. Last 10 minutes or so. Because I sauced earlier it burnt a tad. We used Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce this time. It is a Sweet sauce the kids usually like.

The final result. Like I said I sauced too early causing the sugars to burn in the sauce. Overall it was a good cook though. Next time we are not going to sauce. The rub and cherry wood was plenty bbq flavor. The sauce just covered that up.