Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tri-tip with HOLY COW rub.

I was wanting to try a new rub on some of my bbq. Looking for people's other experience with different rubs I kept hearing a name come up. MEAT CHURCH. Talk about a great name. You can find their products Here. I got an opportunity to try their holy cow rub.

I bought what was supposed to be tri-tip from 2 different locations. They appear to be different. Both turned out to taste good. 

The beef was rubbed with olive oil before applying the rub. I applied the rub heavily and evenly to all sides of the meat. 

Let the meat sit at room temperature for about half an hour at room temperature before putting on the bbq (my Big Green Egg)

I decided to do a reverse sear on the meat tonight. It is a process in which you cook the meat to temperature at a lower temperature, pull the meat off for about 30 minutes, raise the temp as hot as you can in the grill, then sear the steak for 90 seconds a side. 

This is the set up with the heat deflector and drip pan. Elevated grate. 

The tri-tip was cooked to 142* and 147* to achieve medium well. The family would not let me cook to medium. Once the temperature was achieved the meat was removed and set in a pan on the counter and covered with foil. Remove the heat deflector and crank that grill temp up. 

This is a top down pic of the coals. I put a cast iron grate down low by the coals.  I achieved 700 degrees at the top of the dome when I decided to put the meat back on. Seared 90 seconds on each side. 

Finished shots. 

One was more pink than the other. I think the reverse sear works very well on steaks. The Holy Cow rub worked very well on this dish. I can't wait to try more products from Meat Church in the near future. (Ribs with their Honey Hog rub) 

Finished product. Tri-tip with rice and Apple cinnamon rings. Delicious!

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