Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cool New Accessories.

I wanted some new accessories. I wanted more surface area for my cooks. This system allows for a great variety of set ups. Everything was purchased from This store. We could not be happier with the products. Fit and finish are top notch. Better than most of the BGE accessories. The system performs better than expected. Should last for years to come.

Unboxing 2 set ups. One for me and the other one for my brother in law.

This looks confusing but it is not. I will break it down component by component. Sorry for the long post. 

This is called the spider.

The spider sits on the fire ring and it can do a few things for you. It will hold a Wok if you like to stir-fry. It also sits closer to the lump so you can put a grate on it to get a good sear, at the heigh temperature by the coals. The other thing you can do is put a stone on it to use it as heat deflector. This creates the indirect heat you need for great BBQ. 

This is the cast iron grate I use to sear my steaks on. 
The Grate is from a small BGE.
Sitting on the spider. 

The stone is from the store listed above. Great heat deflecto. Heavy duty. 

My dirty drip pan. Still full of solidified dripping from last cook. Sitting atop the stone. Some will add a spacer between the stone and the drip pan. Like 1/2 copper elbows. 

This to the mane peace of the system. It is called the adjustable rig.
Those notches hold bars that you set your grates on. 3 adjustable heights. 

Adjustable rig sitting on the fire ring.

Rig with original grate. Notice it sits well over the felt line.
Nice so you do not have to reach down into the BGE to tend the food.

This is what is know as the sliding grid. It holds a grate.
What is a little different is that it allow an oval rack to slide out.

Oval grate on sliding grid. Only the oval grate will slide out.

Grate slid out. Only works on highest setting of rig.

This is called the rig extender. (Sitting on to of the rig)
It moves the top rack higher. This is great for pizzas. It also provides more room underneath for larger cuts of meats. 

Good view of the extender on top of the adjustable rig. Notice that both grates are oval in this set up. The reason is if I am doing meat I may want to rotate grates. Just pull on out and slide it into the others place.  No need to remove meat from the grate.  Also the rig is set at the highest notch. This allows the grate to slide out without lifting the whole rig out. I can cook 4 racks of ribs at the same time with this set up. Lying flat.

Almost the same set up. The lower grate is set at the lowest point now. This is the way I do my pork butts. Depending on the butt size I can fit 2 to 4 no problem.  I prefer to do 2 butts that are about 10 lbs.

This Lower edge of the D-grate runs along the top of the extender allowing it to slide back into the dome to allow access underneath it.

This is the D-grate in standard position. Notice the front edge is flat. The allows access to items underneath it without moving it much.  It is also a good way to add more wood to the fire without removing the whole setup. 

2 pics of the d-grate slid back into the dome. This is nice if you have a full grate on top. Just slide back the top grate, tend whatever you are cooking on the lower grate, then return to normal cook positions. 

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